Sunday, 5 December 2010

Things That Really Annoy Me 2.0 Edition

Has anyone been on Facebook lately?

How annoying has that place become?

I don't want to know that you love your children/family/unborn child/sister's boyfriend. I don't care.

Actually, I probably would care about that last one.

Facebook should be kept light and loose.

Deep down we're all only on there to gawk at people we went to school with or used to work with to see just what a car crash everyone's life has become.

Who has put on the most weight? Who has the most retarded looking children? Who is 27 and has 4 kids? Who has the least likely looking boyfriend? Who married somebody else that we went to school with? Who ended up marrying their boyfriend's dad (true story)?

What has really ignited my ire is the latest thing that we're all 'supposed' to do. Change your profile picture to that of a cartoon character from your childhood to 'raise awareness of, and help end' cruelty to children.

What the fuckity fuck.

So if I change my profile picture to Inspector Gadget, Chip 'N Dale (Rescue Rangers), The Raccoons, Jem & The Holograms etc etc that will stop a child getting punched in the face?

Pull the other one, it's got bells on it.

How arbitrary and moronic a concept is that?

What is most disappointing is the sheer number of people changing their bloody profile pics!

It's as if nobody wants to apply any logic or brain to this - as though by not doing it you will be seen as condoning or encouraging child abuse.

And of course, any child abuser randomly surfing Facebook will see that profile picture of Captain Planet or Top Cat, and will immediately be struck by such an epiphany that they will instantly change their ways.


Some of the people that have changed their profile pics are surprising to me. I always thought one individual in particular had such a cynical, dry sense of humour that they would in no way ever participate in such idiocy. But no, they are participating in this ridiculous, low IQ groupthink.

It's like the other herd behaviour instigated by that message to change your status to say what bra you have on to 'raise awareness' of breast cancer. How stupid. And downright offensive to anyone who has actually been affected, in any way, by cancer.

Moral of the story: People are dicks.

Oh, and because I posted this pic of The Thundercats here, instead of on Facebook, little Timmy has been beaten like a red headed step child.

Oh, and Pob wasn't a cartoon dickhead!