Friday, 13 November 2009


This is what happens when you go out straight from work and then have to put yourself to bed at 10.00pm because you are so drunk.

Welcome to my life.

I ♥ the people I work with, but I don't ♥ my job.

I especially enjoy Lord Weaver and Mrs France, like the country.

King prawn rogan josh and 3 bottles of pinot grigio plus 2 pints of cider is always the answer.

No matter what the question is.

I have been pretty lax about updating lately - work is taking over my life. Boo.

But this is what I have been up to lately, not that anyone is interested.

I got a headstone at my desk at work for Halloween.

And yes, that is a brain on a hook and some severed limbs suspended from the ceiling in the background.

Just conducting some official government business. Whilst dressed as a bat.

Watching Green Day, again whilst dressed as a bat.

Instead of celebrating Bonfire Night in the traditional way, by burning a Catholic, I went to watch Muse in Liverpool.

Matt Bellamy wore some fetching purple pants.

And now Zoolander is on TV.

You're more dead to me than your dead mother.

I have just bought something off Ebay which will make Phina cry tears of joy on Thanksgiving.

Gotta love drunk purchases.

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