Sunday, 20 September 2009

Ama[i]z[e]ing Maize Maze

We all love a maize maze.

And we all love Twilight. [Admit it, you do.]

Why not combine the two for a heady afternoon's fun?

Any fool know, the only team to be on is Team Jacob.

Edward is whiny and possessive and pathetic.

Yeah, I said it.

What better way to pledge your allegiance to Mr Black than by exploring his face hacked out of some corn in wonderful* Syracuse, Utah?

I think it is clear to anyone with eyes, that the creator of the maze is firmly Team Jacob.

RPattz's maze has been tacked on as an afterthought.

And look how scrubby the corn is around the edges of Edward's, admittedly glorious, hair.
[Jacob's maze hair looks like his brain is exposed. And RPattz looks a bit like his head is on fire.]

*Syracuse, Utah may not be wonderful. I have never been there. The fact that it is a farming community, and in Utah, means that it's probably not that wonderful. If anyone from Syracuse, Utah is reading this, gimme six!


Val said...

Wow, and I thought the corn mazes were out of control here in Wisconsin...thanks, as always, for adding a little perspective :)

Nicola said...

I am 100% Team Edward but I agree they seem to gave stuck him on the edge as an afterthought here... Shame on them! But what I really want to know is who is the funny little man to the side of Edward?

Jess said...

The funny little man is apparently a representation of a local television news reporter.

Why he is on there ruining the Twilight hOtTTnEssSss!!11!11!!1!, I don't know.

And how could you be Team Edward, Nicola?!