Monday, 31 August 2009

3 Day Weekend = Camp 7

August in Wales. Look at the glorious weather.

This weekend saw the traditional Camp 7 gathering.
This year's venue? The Gower, South Wales.
Places visited included Rhosilli, Llangenith, Three Cliffs Bay, The Mumbles, Builth Wells and, erm, the Swansea branch of Tesco.

Surf dudes with attitude, kinda groovy laid back mood ...

If you recognise that tune you almost certainly were of an impressionable age in the early 90s. What with us camping, it was time for the traditional 48 hour rainy spell.

Which led to the inside of the tent looking like a refugee camp.

And the traditional cooking of breakfast outside under some golf brollies. With G wearing his boxers. How unevolved. It also led to the phrase 'the trangia loves the wind' being bandied about.

Entertainment on the trip was mainly provided by the most high quality publication - the magazine 'Real People'. 68p's worth of entertainment gold. Stories included 'My orgasm put me into a coma!', 'One family, nine boob jobs!' and the unforgettable 'Stabbed for a peanut!'

The magazine also led to the Real People sweepstake. Namely, how many kids would the people in the article have and what age were they when the first child was born. Stabbed for a peanut! involved nine kids. Nine, people!

Evening entertainment revolved around fire. The starting and poking thereof, mainly. E set her marshmallow on fire. I burnt my mouth *sad face*

And proof that men are pathetic - G could not possibly go without his airbed. Suck it up, Princess!

Things that annoy me about women when camping, despite being vaguely female myself:

1. Women in the toilets blow drying their hair

2. Women in the toilets straightening their hair

3. Women in the toilets flossing their teeth

4. Women in the toilets applying a full face of make up

We are in the middle of a quaggy field in Wales. It is blowing a gale. The drizzle is torrential and non stop. What. Is. The. Fucking. Point?


Val said...

It sounds like you had a great time in the gale force winds, and can I just say the last paragraph about annoyances with women in the toilet...perfect and made my evening.

Glad to see your post, sweetie. How are you?

Jess said...

I am very well, thanks Val.

Just been busy at The Workplace - admittedly mainly with gossiping about a particular co-worker - but busy none the less.

Been getting a bit lazy about the 'ol blog but I shall try and rectify that.

How goes Wisconsin? Is the weather miserable like here?

See how English I am, asking you about the weather? Lolz.