Friday, 10 July 2009

Hamba Kahle!

I am leaving for the great African odyssey.

My extensive collection of tracksuit pants and supermarket value range clothing is getting an adventure.

No water, no electricity, no sanitation. We are going hardcore.

Headtorch hardcore.

I have started the malaria medication with the most side effects in the world and not died, so that is a bonus.

Most difficult packing decision?

Which books to take.

It was like Sophie's Choice.

What to wear to Mandela's 91st birthday party?

Tracksuit pants. The man favours comfort over style. Look at those shirts.

Or maybe don't.

How many times will I refer to the documentary Zulu starring Michael Caine?

How hideously sunburned will I manage to get?

Will Air France make us nearly miss our connection and lose our luggage? Again.

Will KLM manage to not have the engine fall out of their plane 3 hours into the flight? Again.

Will I ever get a vegetarian meal on a plane? Probably not.

Will the tent, which survived PEI and Green Gables, survive Isandlwana?

Which of my possessions will I break or lose first?

How many times will I poorly, and offensively, imitate the Seth Efrikan accent whilst quoting Lethal Weapon 2? ["Pyrotechnics", "Get me Riggs!", "DIPLOMATIC IMMUNITY!"]

Look at his little face. How could you ever put him in prison?

I'll be back ... whenever.

1 comment:

Val said...

Oh, please come back...and will you take me with you next time?

Jess, you are my hero for doing this...what a sweet face he has...I often think that Jesus might have looked like Mandela.

Peace, girl, be safe!