Monday, 29 June 2009

A Message For Blake

Happy birthday buddy!

With lots of love from the 184.


Blake said...

HAHAHA!!! I LOVED IT!!! In fact, I think I love it a little too much. Thanks, ladies! Something was strange, though - I didn't see any booze in the frame. :)

Another person may be suspicious of the super cute 'synchronization' error. Was it done on purpose to impart a quaint and humble touch? To show that perfect imperfection? Ah, but I know you, Jess. I know that you actually rehearsed for a half hour and that WAS the best take out of the other 32.

Did I mention that I loved it? HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME, INDEED!

Jess said...

Oh Blake [pre-work comment you privileged boy!] - that was take 2 and I genuinely couldn't get it right.

We both know that Jo can get quite aggressive so I just feigned understanding.

And last night was a 'dry' night at 184. Maybe because it is currently hotter than the earth's core here.

And we had to go and do big shop because we had no food.

You have a nice day now!