Tuesday, 9 June 2009

J.M.H. = H.O.T.

Most of these pics are stolen from Phina Flo who has a long lens paparazzo style camera - unlike my idiot proof point and shoot which boasts about having a 3x optical zoom. Wow.

On Saturday, it was off to Old Trafford to watch some egg chasing.

And by egg chasing, I mean rugby union

This being June and Manchester, it was raining all day.

The game was significant because of the man wearing number 10 for Argentina.
Juan Martin Hernandez. The boy is some serious eye candy.

He can ruck me any day of the week.
[FYI: ruck is a rugby term. Honest.]

Highlights of the match included:

The words 'meat and potato pie' sounding like Budweiser

The announcer stating that the score was 'Argentina, fifteen. England, thirty. ........ Two.'

The many Mexican waves I enthusiastically participated in

Verbally haranguing Mark Cueto anytime his dickhead self got near the ball

The guy behind us sarcastically shouting 'Kick for posts!' or 'The drop goal's on Andy!' every time Goode got the ball

Blatantly perving at JMH or Mathew Tait - he's training to be a doctor, don't you know

Or the bizarre streaker.

A man ran onto the pitch, took every item of clothing he had on off, saluted all four stands, put all his clothing on and walked off the pitch. All this without any intervention from security of any kind.

Forget football hooliganism.

The real English disease is former public schoolboys getting naked in public and thinking it is a great laugh. It isn't. Tools.

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