Saturday, 27 June 2009

I Am Wearing A Single White Glove

Michael Jackson is dead.
Let's not blame it on the boogie.

Let us celebrate his life and legacy by watching some ridiculous, vaguely relevant YouTube footage.

That is the most British reaction you will ever see in your life.
Act as if nothing is happening, followed by polite applause.

Or we could organise a flashmob outside Liverpool Street Station. Why not?

Everyone loves a singalong to Billie Jean innit?

The best thing about that video, as always, is the reaction of the police. Just stood there totally impassive. Let loose officer!

And my all time favourite is from Britain's Got Talent. Because nothing says Michael Jackson like a chubby man wearing a turban.

When we heard the news, on the way home from Macbeth, we had a very moving singalong to Earth Song when it came on the radio in the car.

Not to the verses because we didn't know any of the words, but there was some wonderfully out of tune chorus singing going on.

I am going to listen to some upbeat Jacko this weekend - The Way You Make Me Feel or Black & White perchance - and dance around whilst avoiding all news coverage, tribute programmes and newspaper speculation because it is all a bit tedious.

And how unlucky for Farrah Fawcett. It's like Princess Di and Mother Teresa.

Or not.

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Very last comment of this post = PERFECTION!