Monday, 11 May 2009

The Weekend In Words And Pictures

How to make Friday at work more bearable 101: Wear shoes made entirely of glitter.

Friday night = McFly o'clock. McFly are what I go to school for. What a niche gag.
Bar = deserted. God love the kids.

Best sign ever: 'Dougie show us your Poynter'.
Dougie Poynter is the bassist in McFly.
This sign has cleverly used 'Poynter' as a euphemism for 'penis'.

Bolton's own Danny Jones. Read about him in McFly Monthly. Readership J Syms.

Saturday night, observe the most pointless and rubbish card based drinking game in existence.

Also played the Moulin Rouge drinking game. Drink every time the narcoleptic Argentinian falls asleep, every time someone says 'Maharaja', whenever someone says 'penniless sitar player', when you see the Moulin Rouge, when the Duke looks like a rodent, when someone is drinking absinthe drink with them and every time Christian says 'love' have a jar. The love rule had to be abandoned to avoid a death occurring.

Incidentally the extremely lethal Roxanne drinking game [flashback to the Camden wine burn]does not work with the version in Moulin Rouge. If you insist on playing, Team Roxanne will do all of the drinking. Team Put On The Red Light will remain sober.

Sunday Morning.
We are so good to the environment. Remnants of booze, pizza and nachos.
The pizza featured extremely spicy jalapenos. Hence the new Kings Of Leon song Wooooooooaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh my mouth is on fire!

My Little Pony watched us try and eat our hangovers away.

Mr Duck walks into a bar and says to the barman: 'Got any bread?'

Yummy in my tummy!

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