Sunday, 24 May 2009

Potvin Sucks!

Boozy Saturday night in.

8.43 pm:

We find the New York Rangers foam finger.

For reasons unknown, we find this hilarious.

So hilarious, that we pose for pictures.

Dinner for two.

Humous is so good.

We watch Flight Of The Conchords.

I am overawed by Murray Hewitt. What a character.

The foam finger leads us outside.

Even the kitchen sink loves the foam finger.

The fridge [with the new, disturbingly sexual, Kelly Clarkson magnet - free with My December, kids!] is hypnotised by the power of the New York Rangers and the memory of them beating the Washington Capitals 2-1.


Britain's Got Talent has been watched. I am over Susan Boyle.

I am shamefully drunk for this early hour and have decided that I will have to go to bed.

Tomorrow, off to the Imperial War Museum North.
And to Pizza Express to use my 2 for 1 voucher. Why am I so cheap?!

3 day weekends = the greatest thing ever.

I have got hiccups.

I will almost certainly regret this in the morning.

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