Friday, 3 April 2009

Pictures Which Amuse Me

A most random selection of photos which have tickled my funny bone - for myriad reasons. I am off to see Jason Mraz tonight - yay for me!

The most random round of drinks ever seen. Ordered in the world's most specific restaurant in Abersoch, Wales. Dandelion & burdock, Magners cider, Tetley's bitter, Pimms and a cup of tea.

I wholeheartedly agree. Which is ironic because I don't actually do any work.

Air guitar is always funny. Especially when you have spilt a drink down yourself. And air bongos? Whatever Kaz is doing, it's bloody funny.

'Throw a coin in the Trevi fountain, Jess! I'll get a really good pic of you doing it!'

New Year ages ago. Convincing ourselves the chocolate fountain was healthy because we were dipping fruit into it. Followed shortly afterwards by pinata action.

We really do pick the best times to go camping.

The hotel in Niagara does its best to convince us that it is not a brothel. Not good enough.

Hockey Hall Of Fame, Toronto. What the frig are the Manchester Storm doing anywhere near it?!

Mexican wave! The funiest thing about this pic was that someone tagged the guy in yellow as 'Warrington tosser'. Which he truly was. This was taken at the England v New Zealand cricket test match, where I got more sunburned than I had previously thought possible.

Kum again?

The source of the longest running in joke. Who's in the bag?

They play ice hockey in South Africa? Mmmkay.

At least he's honest.

The word 'gonad' is just hilarious.

Drive thru liquor store in Athens, Ohio. In someone's garage. Classy.

Grandes Tours du Monde: London, Paris, Vienna, Moscow and Blackpool?! People in Montreal have a great sense of humour.

How did you end up in Queens? Funny story ...

Having to perform mime in NYC due to the taxi-theft of my proper coat. Bastard.

Oh, the irony. My coat missing a button, in front of a giant button.

As seen in Yellowstone. It is probably all kinds of wrong, but the dissolving boy makes me cry tears of laughter. I blame his jaunty hat.

Warrington joke here. Mr Smiths + carpet = Synergy.
Wonder if Halo changed the carpet? Hopefully I will never find out.

As seen at the wildlife park. What a combination.

A picture of me. Done by a 25 year old.

Packing for camping. Note Chan's make up suitcase and the 2 boxes of wine. Best camping trip ever - it even inspired me to write a musical!

I actually ate this. And it was not really that tasty. Purchased in Stockholm, the filling was like chocolate and caramel combined.

I love nothing more than having a ginger nut in my mouth.

Lack of punctuation changes the meaning of this Welsh sign.

Not pictured: Bimbo bread - as eaten by me in Fuerteventura or the Cockhedge shopping centre which I live near and never considered funny until I had to tell someone from out of town what it was called and had it pointed out to me that it had the word 'cock' in it.

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