Monday, 13 April 2009

Jesus Died For This?

Easter nests!

What a week. First one of my new responsible life. It was not so bad.
Why the working week must be 5 days long though I don't know. The Roman Empire was built on a 3 day working week and that was alright, wasn't it? That's probably why Rome wasn't built in a day though ... [I hate myself more than I ever thought possible for that gag.]

On Saturday, I laughed in the face of terrorism and went to the Printworks in Manchester on the very day it was supposed to be bombed [along with the Arndale, Birdcage and Trafford Centre]. There were no visible police officers or owt. There were a lot of emo teenagers though. Make of that what you will.

How dare someone loosely affiliated with Al Qaeda attempt to bomb the visual monstrosity that is the Arndale Centre. The IRA have already proven that 70s architecture is virtually indestructible. Give it up already.

As for the Trafford Centre, as the above picture clearly shows, what is so Western and decadent about that place? Jeez. I prefer to think of it as the subtle and understated shopping paradise that it *clearly* is.

I watched a strange film at the Printworks. It was called 'Let The Right One In' and it is a Swedish film about vampires. Hey, come back! I've not finished telling you about it! I can't really explain the storyline as there wasn't one, per se. It was quite atmospheric and there were some parts where I couldn't look at the screen because I am pathetic with scary or jumpy parts in films. Swedish is a fairly hilarious language too, by all accounts. I wasn't bored for one minute of the film, maybe because I had to concentrate to read the subtitles, which is a bit strange because I am still not sure if I particularly liked it or not. I am still thinking about it 3 days later though.

Then Wagamama for some katsu curry and to lament my lack of ability with chopsticks. The shame of having to use a fork. Next time I go, remind me that I am going to try the teriyaki salmon.

Saturday day, I finally bought a cowboy hat. It is bright pink and has a silver sequin trim. It also, for reasons unknown, has a tiara on the front in silver and red and green diamante. It is uber classy, whichever way you look at it. And it was a bargainous £1.79.

On Easter Sunday, we had to get up at stupid o'clock to go and watch the 5 mile Run The Bridge in Widnes. Parts of Widnes actually looked quite nice, something I have never witnessed before. I was out of breath just watching people run past me. Rob came in in 31 minutes - and was only beaten by 2 girls. Elly finished in 40ish minutes and Kaz and Phina were back in an hour. I was most proud of them all.

Mango, the 184 Easter Bunny, had got us all some eggs! Chocolate. Mmmm. Chocolate. And then we watched the new Doctor Who.

Mango is the world's largest rabbit.

She hid an egg in the scales

And near Mr Salt & Mrs Pepper

And in the elephant's trunk.

And in the telly speaker

And with the boring normal eggs.

And on my bookcase.
US History For Dummies - what a book.

And to finish, a random picture of some gammon [which kinda looks like a seahorse]. As requested.

Oh and CBM sent me the world's funniest text - "I've just made Cup A Soup in a bowl". This will only be funny to you if you watched the Royle Family Christmas special. So quite a specific joke, then.


mer said...

Jesus died for new Doctor Who??? How did I not know about this?

Jessclub7 said...

It was called Planet Of The Dead - it is one of the 4 specials that David Tennant is doing before leaving. An Easter special.

He got some new enemies. And a new lady friend - Michelle Ryan (AKA Zoe from Eastenders or the crappy Bionic Woman remake series).

It is on BBC iPlayer - but I don't know if you have to be in England to watch that? But someone has put it up on Youtube in 6 parts - search 'dr who planet of the dead'.

Seek and ye shall find!

mer said...

Already done like dinner. I went to they are brilliant. all of the last series was up within an hour of airing in the UK. life-safer. I was entertained but I miss Donna damn it. Screw Billie Piper (did I just say that???), I miss Donna way more. OI! Spaceman! OI! Earthgirl!


Jessclub7 said...

Billie Piper's mouth really bothers me. Obscure I know. And the fact that she was Warrington's own Chris Evans' childbride.

And Catherine Tate doesn't have the dodgy teen pop career in her not-so-distant past. Because we want to indeed ...