Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Home Town Glory

The infamous Sky news report.

The media became obsessed with Warrington about a year ago when a guy called Garry Newlove was murdered by some drunk teenagers outside his home. This happened less than 5 minutes from my house, in a place which I had walked past many, many times. In my opinion, the area is not unsafe but it was made out to be a ghetto on TV and in the papers.

The above video was released at the peak of the hysteria and led to a national debate about binge drinking. An article accompanied the vid - snappily titled 'Drinking On A Night Out In Warrington: Drunks, Fighting And Arrests'.

Now, I am not a fan of Warrington by any means but the hysteria, and this article in particular, are ridiculously overhyping a problem which EVERY British town has.

"At least six separate battles are going on - men on men, girls on girls, girls on boys and so on. In the middle, a silver-haired woman, probably in her mid-60s, is lying motionless in the road."

"At the time we didn't realise this was a fight about a taxi. An elderly couple apparently tried to jump the queue in front of a young couple. There was pushing from both sides and the lady was knocked to the ground. That's when the others joined in."

"Warrington has great nightlife and it is really good fun. It is compact, there are dozens of bars, there are loads of young girls and boys and the booze is cheap - ridiculously cheap. At one bar we went to every drink was £1.50 - any drink."

'"This is a quiet night and we have had multiple arrests, two serious assaults, lots of fights and virtually everyone you see would actually fail the basic law that says it is illegal to be intoxicated in a public place," Inspector Richard Spedding, in charge of the overnight team, told me."

"In one four-hour period I did not meet one single person who was sober.
Most could not actually speak."

Some points:

1. What is a couple, described as being in their mid-60s, doing in Warrington town centre at 2.30am? Go to bed, old people!

2. No matter where you are, if you jump a taxi queue at 2.30am you are going to get punched.

3. The old couple were in the wrong - they were the queue jumpers!

4. If Warrington has a great nightlife, I have never witnessed it.

5. Every drink for £1.50 is in Level.

6. You don't wanna be sober in Warrington at night!

7. I know one person in that video. The nationally televised shame.

8. How funny is the guy claiming that he has 'never been in trouble with the police' whilst being put into the back of a van? Pull the other one mate, it's got bells on.

9. I have never witnessed a fight in Warrington town centre. I have seen a fight in Stockton Heath [average house price £450,000], the posh part of Warrington - if such a place is not an oxymoron. Or Narnia.

10. A whole article without a mention of the IRA bombing.

Rick Astley is from here. As is professional train wreck [and 2 time mother of the year] Kerry Katona. Radiator botherer Terry Waite calls Warrington 'home'. As does Padgate Pete Postlethwaite. Tim Curry was born here - Dr Frank N. Furter himself. We have the UK's first Ikea and the largest Marks & Spencer outside of London. And you may get assaulted.

Visit Warrington!

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Gaz said...

You forgot to mention the affable Chris Evans from Orford.