Thursday, 19 March 2009

Sun, Sun, Sun

Today it is so sunny! I am in such a good mood.

To anyone in the UK, get yourselves down to Matalan - their sale is destroying the world. Here is what I got:

1x black dress with big embroidered pattern (almost like a peacock feather) on the front and cinched middle. It came with a stretchy belt, but it looks really cheap so I am binning that. May wear this with leggings on Saturday night.
1x white, purple and green floral dress. Very flouncy. Perfect wedding wear.
1x blue, white and red flower print button up dress. Short sleeves, collar. Very 50s housewife.
1x black patent leather heeled Mary Jane-style shoes – exactly like the Primark ones Phina, but you don’t look like you’ve got a club foot
1x black bag
2x pair of earrings. One gold hoop things. The other gold butterflies.

All for £55. Bargain.

And I got to listen in to the woman in the next changing room cubicle screaming down the phone at her husband/boyfriend/whatever because a bailiff had come to the house and tried to take the new plasma TV. Gotta love the clientele of Matalan!

Then in Tesco, what was on offer but fish fingers! 10 for 99p. And Captain Birdseye too. So for tea later on we are having my signature dish of fish finger sandwiches. I am nothing if not a gourmet. Then something a bit weird happened, the checkout woman recognised me from playgroup. I was 2 when I went to playgroup. She knew my name and everything. That was 24 years ago. No wonder I get ID’d all the time – if I still look 2!

Last night in the car was pretty funny – nothing like a post-pub singsong. Never has Kings Of Leon’s ‘Sex On Fire’ sounded worse. And K’s Scatman John style rendition of ‘I’m Yours’ by Jason Mraz was legendary. Haha!

K told me to find this on YouTube:

It's pretty damn funny. 'We love Frostys, but at what costys?' The best bit is at 3.30 when a random passer by joins in the protest: 'And I ain't got no hair!'

I am clearly made happy by some very simple things. Or, to paraphrase Fight Club, by buying shit I don't need.

EDIT: This may be the worst, most inane blog post in the history of Al Gore's internet. And I am beyond amused by that. When did I become such a dick? Why would anyone be interested in anything I have just typed?! Hahaha! I am seriously in the best mood ever!


kaz said...

I'd heard about this matalan sale and am planning a trip down there, I'm glad that I now know what you have purchased so I don't buy the same!!!Glad you had a good time with K.

Jessclub7 said...

It's so effing good Kaz! 50% off.

I missed you last night - but I shall be seeing you Saturday. Is G coming? Will he get a big bucket of seafood again?!

mer said...

the plasma-tv-baillif bit? just made my day. I'm cruel.

Jessclub7 said...

@Mer - I was trying so hard not to laugh out loud because the woman was one of those bulldog faced rough birds with 15 kids.

The only time I stopped was when I had a panic after I nearly got myself stuck in a top.

It was not as bad though as the time in M&S when I nearly had to dislocate my own shoulders to wheedle my way out of a dress. And I don't even have big boobs. Go figure.