Friday, 6 March 2009

My So-Called Life

TFI Friday.

My life this week.

My life expressed as a percentage:

55% Watching daytime TV

35% Facebook stalking

4% Eating cake

2% Travelling by train

2% Regressing

2% Making inappropriate comments about Dream Catchers

Drink of the week: Free wine. Free is me.

Canape of the week: Bruschetta with soft cheese and pesto. Served on a massive piece of slate.

Shame of the week: The state of my hair - especially when the head of Toni & Guy was stood directly behind me for over an hour

Reunion of the week: Returning to my beloved Joe & Ricky

Sandwich of the week: Cheshire cheese and coleslaw on granary bread

Lunch of the week: The morning-after-the-night-before's Chinese

Rhetorical question of the week: 'I'm going to take the dog for a long walk round Dunham Massey. Do you want to go?' Dog + walking = no

Hotly anticipated event of the week: The Killers next Tuesday

Ridiculously timed cinematic event of the week: My attendance at tonight's Watchmen IMAX 'Experience'. Starts at 11.45pm at night. Chan has already started on the coffee.

Worst TV show watched this week: Heston Blumenthal. He did an Alice In Wonderland themed feast which involved serving some kind of turkey, strawberry, blah blah combo in a hookah/bong contraption, serving insects injected with some kind of sauce and making a jelly using a vibrator. For serious. And he's just given 400 people food poisoning - probably from eating his ridiculous pork pie flavoured ice cream/snail porridge/other pretentious foodie toss. The man is a dickhead with a capital DICK.

Most in vain attempt at educating myself of the week: Reading 2 chapters of 'Bury My Heart At Wounded Knee' before picking up 'The Host' by Stephenie Meyer instead.

When at my parent's house, the time when asked by my dad what I wanted for dinner that night: 11.30 a.m.

Things I regretted not stealing: Cactus margarita glasses x2

Number of episodes of 'Grey's Anatomy' forced to watch by general consensus: 1

Worrying economic concept of the week: Quantitative Easing. Essentially printing money.

Number of phonecalls during which I was accused by a government official/potential employer of having not sent them the correct information: 1

Number of times a government official then admitted that they were at fault for the missing documentation: 1

Number of text messages sent questioning brother's sexuality when he received a pair of hair straighteners for his birthday: 15

Meal I am encouraging us to have tonight: Chippy tea. With mushy peas.

My life is so boring. Meh.

Song o'the week, by the band with the worst name of the week:

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