Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Lions And Tigers And Bears, Oh My!

I am not really a mega zoo fan, but hell, I have not eaten any animal for 15 years so I think I can go to the zoo more guilt free than some people. I don't even like animals, really.

On Monday, we went to South Lakes Wild Animal Park in Dalton-in-Furness in Cumbria. It was a pretty good day. And it ended with a cocktail so that made it even better.

I literally could have stolen a penguin at one point. Stupid small bag. Inappropriate bag choice has prevented me from having some cacti margarita glasses and now a pet penguin. I must engage brain before picking out future outfits.

We ate our picnic lunch [pitta bread, humous, tzatziki, Pringles & cookies] in a room signed as 'Indoor Picnic Area & Snakes'. Quite the combo.

Just hanging around.

The white handed gibbons were my favourite monkeys. Their arms were comically long and they swaggered along like Liam Gallagher or summat.

Hello giraffes

I was not really feeling the whole lets-feed-a-giraffe-an-onion-with-our-bare-hands-and-have-it-slobber-all-over-us. As you can tell by my face. Who knew that giraffes ate onions? Not me. And look how long that tongue is. Eew.

Pouch baby!

Phina tries to not let the lemur through the gate

Forget otters holding hands, this is lemurs holding thighs.

All the lemurs sat like this to catch the sun. It was pretty funny.

This lemur has quite the dilemma. To cross the barrier or not to cross the barrier, that is the question.

This black and white ruffed lemur was pretty friendly. He stuck his head in Phina's bag and came and sat on me and Chan. He then climbed up a tree and ran off.

Mr Peacock

Is the bear thinking 'Lunch'? No. 4 bears live in the same enclosure as a ton of Indonesian otters and Capuchin monkeys. They seemed to get along pretty well. Well, nothing got eaten when we were there.

The most needless sign in the world?

The park is apparently quite famous for the way it feeds its tigers. That vid is of the Sumatran tigers getting their chicken.

That is the Amur tigers getting their dinner. Note how the male goes straight for the first chicken he sees but the female weighs it all up and goes for the best one. Men are idiots.

The Amur tiger has its dinner - a nice dead chicken.

There were some black footed penguins which are native to South Africa. So Cumbria was probably a bit cold for them!

A penguin tried to eat my shoe. Not impressed.

And let us end with some Mandrill footage. Let's face it, monkeys are hilarious - esp. at the 30 second mark in the vid. Sure, this one is probably psychologically damaged, but who ya gonna call? We are only slightly more evolved ourselves [and in some cases that is debatable], but there was a lot of, erm, self love, on display from the monkeys and the lemurs. Filth.

Oh, and I made friends with a bear. After watching 'Grizzly Man' last night, I don't think I want to hug a bear anymore. That guy was such an effing tool, he deserved to be eaten by a bear.
Yeah, I said it.


mer said...

LOL! at the Lion sign...

did you go see the otters at the aquarium in Van? i still can't believe how famous they got from that video !

also, tell me what you think of Saved. I heart Jack Falla... I hope you do too... (it's okay if you don't though)

Jessclub7 said...

Mer, I see the otters every day on my otters holding hands keyring!

That video hurts my heart - it is actually too cute for me to watch. And now one of them is dead. So sad.

I am not that far into Saved - I currently also have The Host, Bury My Heart At Wounded Knee, The Good German and Cry, The Beloved Country on the go. But I shall certainly report back to you on what I think.

So far, I like the style he writes in - it is very accessible. I have never read anything by him before but someone got me that book for Xmas.

I am going to try and get more into non fiction this year. I didn't do any academic reading at uni (what a joke!) so I feel that I should. Any non fic recommendations?

Jessclub7 said...

I feel I should state that I have been reading The Good German for 3 years - and it is only 300-odd pages long. It is my Chinese Democracy.

But I will not be beaten by it!