Wednesday, 11 March 2009

I Got Soul But I'm Not A Soldier

Even the car window knows what's goin' on

Yesterday at 184 was a VERY good day - I was so happy. If my life was written by a tabloid newspaper it would have been described as our 'double job joy'. 'Our' being myself and Chan. We are now an official civil service household. And that is possibly the most soul destroying sentence I have ever written. I, of course, shouldn't be happy about this because I am lazy. So I am maybe more relieved.


We had champagne and cake to celebrate.

Then we went to see The Killers at the MEN. They put on a really good show I thought. I had heard that they were quite boring live and that the singer didn't move around or engage with the crowd but he was all over the shop last night. And I have developed a strange crush on him. He's hott lol !!!11!!1!!

I have put my video on YouTube because Blogger is being gayer than Elton John. Yes, I was one of those people I hate - videoing things. If I am anything though, it is massively hypocritical! The picture quality is pretty garbage but my digi camera is well old and rubbish - it wasn't even cutting edge when I bought it - but the sound is OK. The camera is also fairly shaky as I was dancing around. You can also hear me singing along. Badly.


The Killers all look like they are in different bands. The singer looks sort of 80s New Romantic. The lead guitarist with the afro looks like he wants to be in Led Zep. The bassist looks homeless. And the drummer is Earl Hickey.

They also had a small Asian man to the right of the stage who was playing guitar, keyboards and violin. Sometimes all at once. He never came forward to take a bow at the end. I would have given him a big cheer - he was the hardest working man on that stage!


There was a woman stood in front of us who was a total tit. People were throwing beer around, as people do at concerts, and she seemed to think that people were purposely aiming for her. She got quite riled about the whole thing and then spent probably 30 minutes obsessing over who threw the beer. She also spent a lot of time facing the people stood behind us (whom she suspected of beer throwing) and flicking people the v's, middle finger etc. Thanks so much for making us all a target.

This video shows why I heart Kaz Lou. Click on 'HQ' when you watch it and you may recognise someone Kaz! At around 30 secs and again at 2 mins you can also hear the idiot woman engaging me in conversation. Dick.

I tried to avoid making eye contact with her but she would actually grab my arm to talk to me. Including throughout Mr Brightside. The poor 15 year old boy stood next to her (who she was not with) had to hold hands with her throughout the encore and sway along. SO awkward.

My favourite moment of the night was when Chan asked 'Have the Killers got a song called Mr Flowers? I thought it was Mr Brightside? She said to enjoy Mr Flowers'. Mr Flowers is the lead singer, you silly girl!

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