Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Bag Bingo

I have one particular bag which always sparks conversation whenever I use it. I think it's an OK bag, but other people seem to really like it. A girl once ran across 4 lanes of traffic on Oxford Road in Manchester to ask me where I got it from. It's from American Apparel - but don't judge me, it was a gift!

I often use it as an eco bag for carting shopping around [or textbooks back in the day] - my one concession to the environment. Obviously, I have a barrel of crude oil permanently burning at home though. My own little eternal flame.

A fun game we all like to play is ticking off the places we have been, hence Bag Bingo. The ultimate goal would be to get all of the places. This may be a bit unlikely, but we all need goals to aim for, eh?

So on our first gamecard I have, oh, I've got a line! San Francisco! Fuck yeah!

I also have Toronto and Calgary. Cleveland may be just about the only major settlement I have NOT been to in Ohio.

Very poor effort from me in the first game.

Note to self: go to more semi-obscure American places.

Ooh, the second game looks more promising for me.

I have 3 lines! Montreal & Paris, London & New York and Berlin & Chicago. Come on!

I also have Vancouver. Only 5 away from a full house. Must expand into Asia.

*I am feeling weird today [as if you couldn't tell from the above gubbins]. In a good mood for no apparent reason. Got a bit overexcited before after seeing one of my former lecturers on the BBC after he accused my course of being dumbed down and fiddling with exam results. He has been dismissed from the Standards Board but because he made the allegations before MPs in parliament, the people who dismissed him could be prosecuted for contempt of parliament. What a mess. I am also still highly amused by my grandad's theory that his chest infection has been caused by immigrants. And I am going to make white chocolate, banana and walnut bread momentarily. Yum.*


ali said...

Other than to get a full house on your bag bingo game there really might be no reason to ever go to Cleveland... seriously.

I have to admit though -- this is a pretty fun game...

On the first side I have two lines, Toronto, Baltimore and Burlington, Denver (that is of course if that Burlington is the one in Vermont) ... and I have Houston...

The second side is not good for me at all -- zero lines. Just Chicago, Seoul, New York and LA. I need to go to Europe. Plain and simple as that.

Jessclub7 said...

If we were to combine our scores though Ali, I reckon we would have a pretty good score. Hmm ...

Phina said...

Not amused at the Cleveland slight. How very dare she. There are lots of reasons to go, not least to hope to see the river catch on fire again. And see LeBron. And the Indians. And eat Mrs Clevidence's amazing peanut butter chicken. And go to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. And the Flats. And I love the Cleveland Greyhound station so much I once opted to spend 6 hours there in the very early hours of the morning over Christmas break. The crack addicts are lovely when you get to know them. I certainly did in 6 hours.

So shame on you Ali

Jessclub7 said...

I don't know who to believe.

Though I would like to see the river catch fire.

It would remind me of being in Brunei airport which was literally the only thing not on fire for a 50 mile radius.