Wednesday, 18 March 2009

3000 Words On Deviance

That is what I should be doing. But Howard Becker and the Chicago School can get fucked. Who am I to say why people commit crime? They just do.

Random pleasures/things which I am looking forward to today:

Having my fruit based mp3 player on shuffle and the Baywatch theme coming on then slo mo running around the living room. Yes, I know, I'm hilarious.

Having 50% less fat yoghurts in the fridge. This meant I could eat two.

Buttery toast.

Drinks tomorrow [strictly speaking later today] with K. So excited about this.

All day Six Nations on Saturday followed by Loch Fyne for dinner and many, many drinks of an evening for Phina's birthday extravaganza.

Day Of Fun on Monday. It's gonna be good. And it's top secret. But the Magic 8 ball approves.

Twilight DVD coming soon. I may never leave the house again.

The thought of maybe buying a new dress to wear for Saturday. Something floral and chintzy.

Drinking cloudy lemonade.

Being told the most offensive joke. And laughing. Loudly.

This grainy photo really made me laugh after randomly finding it on my computer:

Rubbish things:

I ate two yoghurts.

I had tons of butter on my toast.

I have just eaten a chocolate brownie at 12.50 in the morning. It was Fairtrade though, so my obesity is helping the poor.

Paying 60ish English pounds to have my new dentist drill my tooth. After having requested a new dentist because the old one drilled my tooth without numbing my mouth first. The old dentist no longer works there. Coincidence? I also discovered that he is allergic to latex and he claimed to be Irish. Though he is clearly Indian.

Being ill.

Having to return to the scene of the crime tomorrow.

Only having 19 days of freedom left before having to bow to The Man.

Not having consumed any booze on Paddy's day. What is wrong with me?

Pope Benny. WTF? Condoms are spreading AIDS in Africa? People should practice fidelity and abstinence? Tell that to your priests, sunshine.

My main pleasure today, however, has been listening to this song repeatedly. Even if the setting is uncomfortably Miss Havisham-esque. Check it out:


mer said...

your blog hurts my old lady eyes.

al gore SO doesn't approve :P

Jessclub7 said...

I am older than you!

Al Gore is too busy knitting a sweater out of muesli or doing something else ridiculously 'environmental' whilst leaving all his lights on to care about my pathetic blog!

Jessclub7 said...

I may tone it down for you though. Only whilst it's you ;)

Phina said...

There's nothing wrong with anything Miss Havisham-esque. I am a case in point.

Jessclub7 said...

If you are Havishamish, what the hell am I?!

That was a rhetorical question.