Saturday, 21 February 2009

A Youtube Stroll Down Geordie Memory Lane

This is a major blast from the past - in a totally good way.

Damn you Denton Burn! He cannae see man!

But blindness did not stop PJ, oh no. He was back with a vengeance as part of Grove Matrix featuring PJ, Duncan, Frew, Barney and Marcus. And I am sure that I have seen Marcus as part of some crappy boyband at a Mizz roadshow or something.

This video also features some dance moves I'm pretty sure I pulled out at the school disco circa 1994.

After watching that video, how the hell did PJ learn those dance moves whilst being blind?! Pretty impressive running man.

My own heart broke a little during the next video. As an 11 year old, I considered Noddy to be pretty hot. Then he went to the cinema with Gary one fateful night. Gary invited Noddy to get a whiff of his aftershave, Noddy misread the signs and went in for a kiss. Poor Noddy.

This was absolutely shocking at the time - especially because Noddy had been shacked up with the improbably named Angel for forever and a day.

'You're sick man. Sick, I tell you!'

Fast forward this last video to the 2:40 mark, light a candle and prepare to shed a tear. This is the montage shown after Geoff's funeral. Geoff was the 'dad' of Byker Grove (just as Lou was the 'mum'), the heart and improbably-facial-haired soul of the Grove.

When he was caught in the explosion of the faulty air cylinder whilst returning to the evacuated building to look for Stumpy the dog, he was tragically killed. A generation wept. Why? WHHHHHHHHHYYYYYYYYYY? Stupid dog.

How disturbing was the school girl look? And how weird did Geoff look without the chin strap beard?

It was a sad day when the Grove shut its doors for the last time.

Ooooh Byker, Byker, down at Byker Grove, yeah! Hahahahahahahahahaha ....


I'm Ant
I'm Declan
A duo, a twosome
We've got so many lyrics we're frightened to use 'em

Watch us wreck the mic, watch us wreck the mic, watch us wreck the mic .... PSYCH!

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