Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Things I Really LOVE, But Should Know Better

Kelly Clarkson

I ♥ The Clarkson. I should know better. But I can't help myself. She speaks to me.

I should dislike her because she won American Idol. The only parts of that show worth watching are the audition rounds to see how deluded and/or mentally ill the wannabes are. Or how high Paula Abdul is.

On a side note, how old is the man in this pic of the side of my fat face at the Kelly Clarkson show at the Manchester Apollo? Clearly someone brought their dad along.

The Clarkson had no particular sob story - she wasn't blind, didn't have a dead parent, a dead dog, wasn't secretly gay but didn't want to tell anyone until after the voting process because then she probably wouldn't have won coughWillYoungcough - but she had a hell of a voice.

She released an album with the classic 'Since U Been Gone' on it - an anthem for our times if I ever heard one. Even featuring an exotic bird at one point (you know what I'm referring to E!). Other classics on the 'Breakaway' album include Breakaway, Because Of You, Walk Away & Gone.

Note how I even forgive her the 'U' in the song title and the fact that Breakaway was co-written by Avril Lavigne - that's how much I like her.

At the Manchester Apollo show, she was note perfect. And also suffering from laryngitis which led her to cancel the next night's show. What a trouper.

And she had a boyfriend who married someone else behind her back - what a bastard! I think we can all sympathise with that. And The Clarkson got a whole album out of that. In your face dickhead boyfriend.

And she was offered $5 million to take 5 songs off 'My December' but refused to do so. What integrity. Or stupidity. Everyone has a price - and mine is a lot less than 5 mill!

And last week she was in Heat magazine's 'Fat Celebrities -Look How Much They've Stacked On!' feature (I may have paraphrased that). I don't think there is anything at all wrong with the way she looks. I think she looks normal - and that is probably what makes her stand out from all the other lollipop headed starving celebs out there.

And she provokes this (double chinned) reaction in me. And I was also a tad drunk. And my right hand looks weird.

She is on the 'Live Lounge' on BBC Radio 1 in a few minutes. Exciting. I am even willingly listening to Jo Whiley (world's worst most mum-like DJ) to hear The Clarkson. The fact that it has just been revealed that she has an entourage of thousands is still not enough to make me dislike her. I'm sure they are all essential people. Cough.

I was there!

And check out Phina's mad music photography skills in the pics.

And Merry Pancake Day. Yum.

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