Wednesday, 18 February 2009

Fridge Analysis

What would Sigmund make of the 184 fridge?

Let's examine it more closely.

The fridge door contains:

2x wedding invitations - this shows that most people we know are getting married. Apart from us. And only one at Anfield.

1x hen party invite - this means we can dress up as cowgirls and get drunk

3x Ohio University magnets - this shows that US colleges are way ahead of the merch game

1x Barack Obama postcard actually sent from Chicago - we follow US politics more closely than our own

1x Beatles 'Revolver' magnet - this shows that I got this free with The Guardian and thought: 'Hmm this will make us look cool. Stick it on the fridge.'

1x Sir Troy Of Bolton poster - this shows that my Heat magazine subscription is well worth it. And that as a fictional character, Zac Efron is way more bearable than in real life. And look at those eyebrows.

I have defaced the picture so that he is sending Phina a Get Well Soon message. And lo, her recovery was swift.

1x piece of Edward Cullen fridge art - and I think that I lack creativity. This shows Edward requesting to live in Chan's new house. So long as she promises to never get a dog called Jacob. If you look closely, you will see that on attempting to glue the pic to the red card, I accidentally decapitated Robert Pattinson. Oops.

1x glow-in-the-dark 3D Mount Rushmore magnet - this made South Dakota worth it

1x Otters Holding Hands magnet - this made Vancouver Aquarium on a Saturday afternoon worth it

What does the inside of the fridge tell us?

We like wine. A lot.

We have recently played Lindt Chocolate Roulette

We live mainly off olives, humous, salsa, tzatziki, pesto, coleslaw and potato salad

That one bottle of Becks has been in the fridge for ages

Juice was on offer in Asda

Paging Dr. Freud!


Phina said...

So can I drink that Becks then?

Jessclub7 said...

Yes. I think it is fair game now. I don't even know who's it was originally.

And check out your veggie bag under the sink - I think it has gone mouldy. CoughThrowItOutCough.

Just sayin' ...