Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Flippin' Pancakes

So yesterday was Pancake Day. Or to give it it's proper title, Shrove Tuesday.

Shrove Tuesday is used in Ireland, the UK, Canada & Australia to describe the day preceding Lent.

Wikipedia informs me that the word 'shrove' is the past tense of the verb 'shrive'. To shrive means to obtain absolution for one's sins by way of Confession and doing penance.

Shrove Tuesday is the last day of 'shrovetide' - which sounds like a folk band.

A traditional Scottish shrovetide food, apparently, is festy cock. Does that sound more like an STD than a foodstuff to anyone else?

Shrove Tuesday is associated with pancakes because they used up fat and eggs, the consumption of which was usually restricted during Lent.

I am giving up injecting heroin for Lent. Fingers crossed.

The batter about to go into the pan. Will it work? The tension was unbearable.

Yes it did work. One thumb up.

Our savoury pancakes. They were goat's cheese, spinach and tomato and herb sauce flavour. They tasted very good thanks to Pancake Master P.

These were our dessert pancakes, when the Pancake Master was feeling more adventurous and was not blaming the pan quite so much. This pancake was supposed to be a 'V'. I think it looks more like Pacman.

This was E's Mickey Mouse pancake. I feel this is a fair likeness. It passes the test.

This was my dessert pancake - a 'J'. I was most impressed by this.

For dessert we had the pancakes with ice cream, banana, nutella and maple syrup. Chan ate a ton of Nutella before the pancakes were even ready. I don't think the jar will last long.

The Pancake Master in action.
You have to tilt your head to the side to see it properly though as I can't be bothered finding out how to rotate the video.


Blake said...

The pancakes look very tasty. I pretended that my name was Jlake and that the "J" pancake was in my honor - nice work!

The video was great! I will now be expecting more of an 'evening news' style first-person report. Or, at least some more charming video moments with the ladies of Gorsey Lane.

Dropping the pancake may have been more exciting for the viewing audience, by the way. Next time hit her elbow mid-toss.

Jessclub7 said...

I am thinking of branching out into reportage.

I need to buy me some more news anchor-y clothing first though - I am thinking shoulder pads and bouffed hair.

I think a 'B' would have been a step too far for the Pancake Master. But Jlake is a good name.

And you must come and stay at the Musee d'Gorsey soon - there's gonna be rugby in Manchester in June!

Phina said...

I could have done a B. I could still do a B. That's it, I'm doing a B.

Jessclub7 said...

You couldn't do a B.