Monday, 2 February 2009

All About My Mother

This is an actual conversation that occurred between my sainted Mother and I:

Jess: Would a cat just eat a whole fish though?

Mum: Oh yeah. I mean, in the wild they stand by rivers and catch fish with their paws don't they?

Jess: What? Cats?!

Mum: Yeah! I've seen it on TV.

Jess: Are you sure it was cats?

Mum: They were by a river!

Jess: Are you sure that it wasn't bears?

Mum: Oh yeah. It was bears.

My Mother is a school teacher. Like Whitney Houston, I believe that children are our future.

They don't stand a chance. Pass the crack pipe, Whit.


Blake Edwards (EACE) said...

The image in my head of housecats lining the bank of a raging river swatting at salmon is priceless. Thanks, Jess' mom!

Jessclub7 said...


If you come and stay with us you can meet my mom - she's very good entertainment value.

I promise that I will remove all the brown M&Ms as per your extensive rider.