Thursday, 29 January 2009

Nathan Barley @ Bloc Party

I went to see Bloc Party last night at the Manchester Apollo. I have never been sweatier or more penned in at a gig as then. Someone smelt quite violently of wet dog too. Nice.

I hadn't listened to the new Bloc Party album prior to the live experience but I really quite enjoyed it. The sound was a lot better than I had come to expect from seeing other Bloc Party performances on TV and the like. The drummer also took his shirt off - which I had confidently predicted would happen en route to said show. Point for me.

My real issue here was not the usual one of Despicable Couple Behaviour (no, I am not sitting here typing this wearing a Miss Havisham style moth balled wedding dress), but the somewhat newer one of Indie Kid Stood Two Inches Away And Behaving Like A Twat.

It usually unfolds thusly - girl (or boy - they all seemed to share the same haircut and checked shirt) with ridiculously overstyled-just-got-out-of-bed-and-my-hair-just-happens-to-look-like-this-yeah? hair, charity shop clothing, panda eye make up and crotch strangling pants dances pretty much on you whilst waving a glow stick, sloshing a pint everywhere, hugging a friend and/or, in the words of Simon Amstell, rebelliously smoking a cigarette 'you can legally buy in shops'. In a no smoking venue, no less. You tell The Man, Tarquin.

I mean, you're a fan. I get it. You know all the words and everything and really want to sing along whilst dancing. You even knew that the drummer was the Asian one. Just don't do it right in my face you Nathan Barley-esque nobber. Yeah?

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mer said...

"no, I am not sitting here typing this wearing a Miss Havisham style moth balled wedding dress"

you just made my week. I am going to go find a copy of great expectations at the library tomorrow so I can hate on bitchy little Estella all over again without the inconvenience of having to write a formulaic 1000 word essay on some idiotic aspect of characterization or the like.

please keep hating on the world, if only for my entertainment.